Sara (sonrosado) wrote in george_orwell,

Secret Histories; Finding George Orwell in a Burmese Teashop

Has anybody here read "Secret Histories; finding George Orwell in a Burmese teashop" by Emma Larkin?

After my degree in the north of England I was (fairly predictably) a bleeding heart liberal left winger. However a gap year in the Far East has left me sliding more to the right... not so unlike the former Empire builders of Britain.

I rather horrifyingly identified with some of the things against Orwell (the mention of Orwell beating orientals as they could be so annoying)
Larkin strongly counters this, an obvious admirer of Orwell, as arguably we all are. Orwell is a liberal, he is a man of the people, how could such a thing be true?
However, dare I risk saying he was "only human" and the clashes between cultures can be so infuriating....

Just wondering if anyone has read this or has had similar experiences fancy bouncing off a few ideas?

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